Make Your Own Automata

Automatas (aw-TAH-ma-tas) are the best, and you can make them yourself.

Quick links:

  • Great Exploratorium PDF about how to make DIY automatas with cardboard, paper, bamboo skewers and craft foam
  • Rob Ives’ great site, in particular his Mechanisms page
    • Bell CrankRob Ives - Bell Crank
    • CamRob Ives - Cam
    • Crank SliderRob Ives - Crank Slider
    • CrankRob Ives - Crank
    • Linkage (4-bar linkage)Rob Ives - Linkage2
    • PistonRob Ives - Piston
  • Great motion on this automata dragon


Here are some of Rob Ives’ examples: